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Rental Properties In Darwin

Moving into a new city in Australia might be a little tricky as there are lots of awesome ones; you won’t even know what to choose. Besides, one of the places where you would stay in Australia without having a bit of regret is Darwin city. The city is filled with virtually all that you need, awesome real estate and rent properties, and all other things you would love. So if you are planning to obtain rental properties in Darwin city, you aren’t making a bad decision at all; Darwin is an amazing city, you would highly relish staying there. Moreover, there are certain details that you should get to know if you are truly ready to move into the city; details about how home rentals in Darwin are done, amazing things you can do in the city, and so on. Through this piece, you will discover important information that will help you when settling in Darwin. 

Brief History Of Darwin

As a person moving into Darwin for the first time, not for tourism but to own a real estate or rent a property in the area, it is quite important to know the history of the city. In this section, we will give a brief history of Darwin city. In 1869, the city, Darwin was founded. The capital of the Northern Territory, Australia- Darwin city covers a landmass of about 3,163.8 km squares. 

The region homes a population of about 147,255 people. Initially, at the inception of the city, it was referred to as Garramilla by the Larrakia People, who were the early habitants of the area. Darwin is a great city to live in with good climate conditions and modern facilities. 

Find Rental Properties in an amazing city like Darwin, here’s some of the activities you can do in Darwin

Here are the best suburbs to find rental properties in Darwin: 

Darwin has tons of gripping activities both visitors and residents of the area can engage in. Let’s look at the few amazing things that can be done in Darwin City, for people who are looking for Rentals. 

Nakara, Brinkin, Casuarina are the places you should look for rental properties in, if you want to live nearby schools and universities. These suburbs are good to live in for students and families. 

You can enjoy Mindil Market in The Gardens. The market opened in 1987, and most people do go there to have dinner and dessert. At Mindil Market, you can discover many sumptuous delicacies and choose from a wide range of foods such as pizzas, seafood, crepes, and so on. There are also different drinks at the market. The Mindil Market operates during the dry season in Darwin. The market is popularly known for its beautiful sunset backdrop over the Timor Sea and various amazing art performances. Some of the art performances which you would see at the Mindil market are that of musicians, dance groups, and buskers. The Mindil Market is a perfect place to go with your loved ones; the awesome smell, views, and sounds are highly enjoyable and gripping. Find a good property ro rent in Darwin and enjoy the Mindil Market. 

Another interesting activity you can engage in at Darwin is visiting the NT Museum and Art Gallery. The NT museum is a place you would intensely enjoy going to as there are different historical exhibits you will get to discover. The NT Museum opens from 10 am to 5 pm; you can take the public bus to the museum if you do not have a car. There are lots of activities you can do in Darwin, so if you found the perfect rental home in Darwin, you won’t get bored. 

Rental Homes In Darwin

Everyone loves to live in a city that is beautiful and has all the necessary amenities for its residents. One of the cities in Australia with that quality is Darwin. The weather in the city is good, the security and facilities are great as well. For houses for rent in Darwin, the average price is $367 per week. For units for rent, the average weekly pay is $520. 

Moreover, when you want to rent a home in Darwin, you should endeavour to choose an awesome location. Some of the best liveable suburbs in Darwin city are Farra, Wulagi, Roseberry, Larrakeyah, and Humpty Doo. Even if you choose locations apart from the ones listed, you would still relish your houses for rent in Darwin because it is generally a good city.