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Properties and places to rent in Newcastle

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Rental Properties In Newcastle

Which town or city are you preparing to reside in next? A city where you can have maximum fun and utilize modern facilities will be your dream place of residence for sure. Are you planning to purchase rental properties in Australia? If affirmative is the reply, then, a good city which you should try residing in is Newcastle. Newcastle is a region with many houses for rent and lots of interesting provisions. We will discuss Newcastle rental processes and some other highly important details about the region in this article.

A Short History Of Newcastle

It is deeply crucial for you, a person, relocating into a new city to know some details about the historical background of the place. Let’s briefly discuss the history of Newcastle City. In 1804, Newcastle was founded. With a land area of 261.8 km squares; the city serves as a place of residence for about 322,278 people.

In the state of New South Wales, Australia, Newcastle is the second-most populated city. Newcastle, in its early days, was inhabited by Aboriginal people. One of the first forms of economy in the city was coal mining. In the present day, the area is filled with different economic activities. Newcastle is a safe city and also filled with rich cultural heritage.

As an owner of a rental property in Newcastle, check the gripping activities you can try out in the city

When one first steps into another region, a rush of energy and great vigour runs throughout the body, and a desire to learn more things about the surroundings develops. Exploring the new area in which you just moved into is a fantastic thing to do. As a Newcastle resident, you can try out a variety of exciting activities. In the city, there are a variety of places to visit. Many visitors from all over the globe who are visiting Australia like exploring Newcastle. This section will provide some of the most popular things you can do in Newcastle so that by the time you get an apartment for rent in the area, you would always have a good and interesting experience.

First, as soon as you have gotten a rental property in Newcastle, you can explore Nobby’s lighthouse with your friends and family. The lighthouse is located on a huge rock that was once an island. Established in 1857, the iconic Nobby’s Lighthouse serves as an important spot for the Aboriginal people. At Nobby’s Lighthouse, you can sit down, relax and discuss significant matters with your close ones. The top of the rock where Nobby’s Lighthouse is situated makes it a perfect spot for deep talks.

Also, at Newcastle, you can try out swimming in the Bogey Hole. Both locals and visitors around the world are allowed to have access to the pool. In the whole of South Wales, Bogey Hole is the oldest ocean pool. The water is highly refreshing and the environment where the pool is situated is greatly awesome. Besides, you should always use a swimming guard at the pool. The Bogey Hole is an amazing place for anyone who is planning to get a house for rent in Newcastle city where you can always visit with your friends and family to relax and have fun.

Another interesting thing you can do after you purchase real estate or rent an apartment in Newcastle is to visit King Edward Park. The park was opened in 1863 and was dedicated as a recreation reserve. King Edward Park at Newcastle is a perfect and suitable place to have family picnics and enjoy barbecues. With the park’s top-notch ocean views and beautiful playground, it is an awesome spot to enjoy with your love partners, kids, and friends. 

Rental Homes In Newcastle

Newcastle is a city with spectacular weather conditions, impressive security, and good modern facilities. Deciding to purchase real estate or rent properties in the city is not a bad idea at all. Besides, before you move into the city to get a house for rent, there are some details you should know about. First, how much does it cost to rent a house in Newcastle? At Newcastle, the average price for apartments for rent is $540 per week.

These are some of the best suburbs to purchase Rental Properties in Newcastle:

●        Mayfield

●        Merewether

●        Charlestown

The suburbs listed above have necessary basic amenities and also, they are close to beaches. You would enjoy your stay there as they have educational facilities, shopping centres, and relaxation spots. Besides, if you aren’t too lucky to get a house for rent in the areas listed above, don’t worry, you will still find anywhere in Newcastle fun because it is generally an interesting and great city.